Gay Pride Amsterdam 2018 on The Prinsenboat

July 29th – August 6th

Sorry no longer available, try next year

Do not miss this unique opportunity to see The Gay Parade boats passing by right in front your window!

You cannot come any closer. You can almost tough!!

The Canal Parade starts at 1.30 pm at the beginning of the Prinsengracht at the Westerdok harbour.

It passes in front of The Prinsenboat!!

At the end of the Prinsengracht, the parade turns left on to the Amstel river, passing the famous white Skinny Bridge (Magere Brug) and passes the Stadshuis / Muziektheater to make a right in the direction of the Oosterdok.


The Prinsen Boat location


  • Follow the highway (A4) in the direction of Amsterdam.
  • At the end of the A4 you will reach the Ring (A10) around Amsterdam.
  • Here you take the exit S110(Centrum).
  • At the first set of traffic lights you continue straight on into the Rijnstraat.
  • After approximately 800 meters the Rijnstraat becomes the Van Woustraat.
  • Keep driving always straight and you will reach Frederiksplein, make a right onto Utrechtsestraat.
  • After few meters you’ll reach the Prinsengracht Canal (the first Canal), before the bridge you should turn right (notice a bar at the corner) and you’ll find The Prinsenboat, Prinsengracht 816F, opposite house n.816.

Parking and further travel

P+R (Park & Ride) is the smartest way for visitors to Amsterdam to park. These car parks are located on the outskirts of the city and have an excellent public transport connection. Public transport brings you right into the centre of Amsterdam in no time.

cheap and wasy

Parking in a P+R car park costs only € 8.00 per 24 hours – with a maximum parking time of 96 hours. This fee includes FREE public transport to the centre of Amsterdam for a maximum of five people. Be sure to read all the instructions below before parking at a P+R location. In addition, we strongly advise you enter and exit the P+R locations during regular opening hours to ensure that you get the P+R discount rate.

Rules for using P+R

Upon arrival

  • Collect a car park ticket as you go in. Please don’t use your credit card at the entrance, it does not provide the P+R discount.
  • Hand over your parking ticket to the P+R car park attendant and ask for a P+R chip card(s). The car park attendant will code your parking ticket and give you a free P+R chip card to use on public transport.
  • Proceed to the public transport hall and check in with your card by holding next to the electronic card reader.
  • Don’t forget to check out when exiting the vehicle. When visiting the city, be sure not to lose your P+R chip card. If you do not use your chip card, or use it incorrectly, you will no longer be entitled to a discount and will have to pay the normal parking fee. Please note: The P+R chip card is only valid for travelling to and from the P+R location and not for general use in the city centre. In addition, P+R chip cards are not valid on special night busses.

Upon departure

  • Use your P+R chip card for the return journey. Hold your P+R chip card in front of the card reader when entering and exiting the vehicle.
  • Return your parking ticket and the used P+R chip cards to the P+R desk. The attendant will mark your car park ticket for the P+R rate. You can only pay the attendant with a pin or credit card. Cash payments can be made in a point-of-payment terminal.
  • Use the car park ticket when you drive out. The special P+R rate is good for a maximum of four consecutive days (96 hours). After 96 hours you will have to pay the normal parking rate.
    P+R locations
  • P+R Sloterdijk
  • P+R Bos en Lommer
  • Entrance open 07:00 to 22:00 (exit 24 hours per day)
  • P+R Olympisch Stadion
  • P+R ArenA
  • This location is closed during major events at the ArenA. Check a list of event days on the ArenA website.
  • P+R Zeeburg I and P+ R Zeeburg II
  • Please note: there is no customer service desk at Zeeburg II.
  • P+R World Fashion Centre
  • This locations is closed during major events at the World Fashion Centre. Visit their website for a list of upcoming events.
  • P+R Gaasperplas
  • Entrance open 07:00 to 19:00 (exit 24 hours per day)
  • Approximately 2.4km to The Prinsenboat (approximately 30 minutes of walking)
    • Take tram number 4 (the stop is located between central station and information at platform 4)
    • Get off the tram at the 6th stop, Prinsengracht (Utrechtsestraat).
    • As the tram pulls away, you will see a flower stand on the opposite side of the street. We are the first houseboat behind the flowerstand, Prinsengracht 816F and opposite house n.816

    Take a taxi directly to The Prinsenboat or one of the several trains to the Central Station.